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It started with a baby who wouldn’t sleep...

Co-founder Heather Hendrixson was more than ready to take on the challenges of motherhood, but there was one thing she hadn’t counted on: “I loved being a mother in every way, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the serious sleep deprivation.” Talking with other new moms, she found that sleep was the number one issue. “I learned about swaddling and it was a miracle! My baby loved it and I became an instant convert.” 

Her baby quickly grew out of the small receiving blankets she had been given as gifts, so she went searching for a solution. “I tried the Velcro bags and swaddle contraptions, thinking they would be easier. But I found that instead of putting my son to sleep, he kicked and squirmed in them all night long.” It was time to swaddle like her foremothers, using a traditional swaddle blanket. But the only offerings—even the expensive blankets—looked like they were made in China with prints that failed to inspire.  

Drawing on her talents as an art director and designer for movies, Heather created swaddles for herself in her favorite prints and colors. “My friends loved them so much I made some for them too.” When the requests came pouring in for baby shower gifts from friends and relatives, she teamed up with her Hollywood costume designer friends and The Snug Bug was born.

Today at The Snug Bug, we're still friends and we love working together on new designs. We're a demanding bunch and our own toughest critics. We'll work for months to make sure every detail is as perfect as can be. We make products that we would be proud to use and proud to give. More than anything, we miss the quality of workmanship that our mothers and grandmothers took for granted. We hope that all of our products will be your favorite, handed down or used until it wears out, because we remember the way things used to be: how Grandmother's sheets were so soft because they were washed too many times to count, or a favorite comforter that literally fell apart because we'd loved it so long. And we think that everyone deserves that kind of beauty and quality in every item they buy.

Thank you for visiting with us and we welcome any comments or questions you may have.

Thanks from all of us at The Snug Bug!